東京大学大学院 情報学環・学際情報学府 The University of Tokyo III / GSII


アジア情報社会コース ITASIA program

情報化時代のアジアを理解するための革新的なアプローチDeveloping fresh approaches to the understanding of Asia in the information age






In 2008, the University of Tokyo launched a new International Master’s/Doctoral Degree Program: Information, Technology, and Society in Asia (ITASIA) at the GSII, based on the cooperation of the III and the Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia. This program offers intensive graduate level education designed to foster analytical strength and insight into Asian societies and international relations, at a time when ICT is having an increasingly profound impact on the region.

The program is tailored to both international and Japanese students who are motivated to pursue active professional careers on the regional and global stages. All instruction is conducted in English, so proficiency in Japanese is not a prerequisite. The academic year at ITASIA begins in September.

Students in the M.A.S. program are trained to grasp changing political, economic, and social realities of globalizing Asia through media, communication, and information studies together with the related methodology and skills, so that after graduation they can make appropriate judgments and recommendations in their respective professional environments. The M.A.S. program is appropriate for those interested in pursuing careers in public administration, media, business, and academic institutions. The Ph.D. program is intended to produce high-level researchers and professionals in the fields of Asian studies and information studies. Students will acquire a broad-based knowledge of arts and sciences, as well as expertise in the investigative techniques and theoretical analysis required for advanced research in politics, economics, media studies, and other social sciences.

Successful completion of this course leads to the awarding of a degree with the title “M.A.S. (Interdisciplinary Information Studies)” or “Ph.D. (Interdisciplinary Information Studies)”.

アジア情報社会の4つの柱4 Main Areas of the ITASIA Program


コース担当教員Faculty Who Teach in This Course/Program

赤座 英之AKAZA, Hideyuki


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原田 至郎HARADA, Shiro

コンピュータと国際政治Computing & International Politics

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橋元 良明HASHIMOTO, Yoshiaki

情報社会心理学Information Socio-Psychology

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林 香里HAYASHI, Kaori

ジャーナリズム研究、マスメディア研究Mass Media and Journalism Studies Comparative Media Studies: Reports on Fukushima

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池亀 彩IKEGAME, Aya



KARLIN, Jason G.KARLIN, Jason G.

ジェンダー論、メディア表象学Gender and Media Studies

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北田 暁大KITADA, Akihiro

メディアの社会学Media Sociology


李 賢鮮LEE, Hyunsun

Migration and Welfare state


松田 康博MATSUDA, Yasuhiro

東アジアの政治と国際関係International Relations in East Asia

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ソシオ・メディア論Socio-Media Studies

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大口 敬OGUCHI, Takashi



佐倉 統SAKURA, Osamu

進化生態情報学Evolutionary Biology and Science Communication

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園田 茂人SONODA, Shigeto

「動くアジア」の比較社会学Comparative Sociology and Asian Studies

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須藤 修SUDOH, Osamu

ソーシャル・イノベーションとICT 次世代eサービスとイノベーションSocial Innovation and Information/Communication Technology The Next Generation e-Service and Innovation


田中 明彦TANAKA, Akihiko

国際政治と情報International Politics and Information

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田中 秀幸TANAKA, Hideyuki

ネットワーク経済、情報経済 ネットワーク社会のソーシャル/ビジネス・エコシステムNetwork Economics

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山口 いつ子YAMAGUCHI,Itsuko

情報法・政策、表現の自由、プライバシー、知的財産Information Law and Policy, Freedom of Expression, Privacy, Intellectual Property


山内 祐平YAMAUCHI, Yuhei

学習環境デザインDesign of the Learning Environment

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吉見 俊哉YOSHIMI, Shunya

社会学、文化研究、メディア研究Media and Cultural Studies

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