東京大学大学院 情報学環・学際情報学府 The University of Tokyo III / GSII


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The III publishes a number of periodicals. At the time of the merger between the III and ISICS, the publications of the two institutions were consolidated and placed under a new editorial/publishing structure. The main publications are the Journal of Information Studies, Newsletter, Annual Report, and the III Book Series. Each publication has its own function while also being linked to the others as elements in the unified publishing activity of the III.


This journal contains mostly theoretical and critical research papers written by faculty members of the III and students enrolled in the GSII. Most of these are in Japanese (although English abstracts are provided). Reports on symposia and other events taking place at the III are also published in this journal.

Latest IssueNo.104(Mar 2023)
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思考の環Opening essay
開 一夫Kazuo Hiraki
情報と人間:発達科学的視座Information and Human Beings: Perspectives from Developmental Science
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教員研究論文Faculty Papers
田中 秀幸Hideyuki Tanaka
NFTマーケティング研究のシステマティック・レビューA Systematic Review of Marketing Research on NFTs
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査読研究論文Refereed Papers
安 ウンビョルEunbyul Ahn
国鉄時代の周遊券が作り出した複数の移動性に関する考察A Study on Mobilities Created by the “Shuyu-ken” Excursion Ticket in the Japanese National Railways Era
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フィールド・レビューField Review
藤本 徹Toru Fujimoto
社会と人を動かす「ゲーム」研究分野の変遷Changes in the Field of Research on 'Games' Influencing Society and People
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Latest IssueNo. 38 (2022年3月)
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石橋 真帆、関谷 直也ISHIBASHI, Maho SEKIYA, Naoya
2020年新型コロナウイルス感染拡大初期における情報流通と流言流布の実態Media Consumption and Rumor Spread at the Early Stage of the COVID-19 Pandemic
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安本 真也、関谷 直也YASUMOTO, Shinya SEKIYA, Naoya
火山噴火に対する意識:「登山者」と首都圏住民へのアンケート調査をもとにAwareness about Volcanic Eruptions : Based on a Questionnaire Survey of "Mountaineers" and Residents of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
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This pamphlet is a concise introduction to the aims, organizational structure, and activities of the Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies (III) and the Graduate School in Interdisciplinary Information Studies (GSII).

2020年4月(April 2020)
CONCEPT / コンセプト
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This quarterly publication contains information and news articles about activities happening at the III and GSII. Its purpose is to publicize these activities to a wider audience. Diverse contents include faculty interviews, news on research activities, reports of symposia, announcements of upcoming events and publications, and news about prizes received.

No. 59 2022 Fall
・東京大学制作展Extra 2022/Emulsion
・講談社・メディアドゥ 新しい本寄附講座」発足記念シンポジウム
・東京大学筧研究室・細尾・ZOZO NEXTの共同研究プロジェクト”Ambient Weaving”が「STARTS Prize 2022」栄誉賞を受賞
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この情報学環・学際情報学府の統合報告書『III IR×IR×IR』は、東京大学全学の 統合報告書と同様に、情報学環・学際情報学府の研究や教育、社会連携の情報と財務情報を 有機的に結びつけ、特に、教員が取り組む産学連携プロジェクトを紹介し、 未来社会に向けて産学で協創するあらゆる方法を紹介するための年次報告書です。

The “III IR x IR x IR” of the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies and Interdisciplinary Initiative in Information Studies, like the similarly named “IR x IR x IR” of the University of Tokyo, aims to organically link information on research, education, and social collaboration with financial information and to introduce all the ways we are collaborating to co-create a future society, especially show-casing industry-academia collaborations advanced by our faculty members.

東京大学大学院 情報学環・学際情報学府 統合報告書(III IR x IR x IR 2022)
P.02 『III IR×IR×IR』について
P.04 目次
P.06 学環長からのメッセージ
P.08 情報学環と学際情報学府
P.10 情報学環との連携
P.12 Project 01 NTTドコモ×中尾彰宏教授
P.14 Project 02 マイナビ×山内祐平教授
P.16 Project 03 帝国データバンク×渡邉英徳教授
P.18 Project 04 日本IBM×須藤修名誉教授・中尾彰宏教授
P.20 Project 05 千葉市×大庭幸治准教授
P.22 Project 06 ソフトバンク×林香里教授
P.24 学際情報学府のプログラム
P.26 研究テーマと教員
P.28 データで見る情報学環・学際情報学府
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