東京大学大学院 情報学環・学際情報学府 The University of Tokyo III / GSII


現代韓国研究センター Center for Contemporary Korean Studies

構成機関 東京大学大学院情報学環
設置年月 2010年
研究内容 グローバル化する東アジアのなかでダイナミックに変化している現代韓国の政治、情報、文化、社会、メディア、アイデンティティなどに関する国際的研究拠点
Participating Organizations III Fukutake Hall is a place where learning
Period of Operation 2010
Outline of Activities This center is to become an advanced center for the study of contemporary Korean politics, information and culture, building mutual links between the intelletual worlds of Japan and Korea.

政治・情報・文化をキーワードに、東アジア研究の中核を担う「日韓の知の懸け橋」Politics, Information, and Culture: Building bridges between Japan and Korea around the core of East Asian Studies

現代韓国研究センターは、グローバル化する東アジアのなかでダイナミックに変化している韓国の政治、情報、文化、社会、メディア、アイデンティティなどを学際的に研究し、その成果を世界に向けて発信する国際的拠点です。韓国国際交流財団(Korea Foundation)による全面的支援を受けて、2010年に設立されました。





The Center for Contemporary Korean Studies is an international center for interdisciplinary research on the rapidly changing politics, information, culture, society, media and identity of Korea situated at the heart of the highly dynamic region of East Asia. It was established in 2010 with comprehensive support from the Korea Foundation.

With the goal of fostering international cooperation and regionalism in East Asia, this center explores the possibilities for multi-faceted cooperation and partnership between Japan and the Korean Peninsula and applies the results of its research in education and social practice. Besides carrying out academic exchanges and cooperative research programs centered on the topics of contemporary Korean politics, information and culture within the III, it also contributes to the development of international educational initiatives in the III (especially the ITASIA Program) and other departments of the University of Tokyo.

The center also aims to create a network joining together all the institutions within the University of Tokyo concerned with research on Korea, leading to productive partnerships among researchers and graduate students and raising both the level and profile of Korean studies. Furthermore, it actively seeks partnerships with academic institutions and private organizations throughout Japan for the promotion of research and exchange with Korea. It acts as a nation-wide base for the collection of knowledge and information relating to Korea. Besides holding international symposia, research seminars and graduate student workshops, it is engaged in the creation of research databases and digital archives providing the public resources necessary for the development of contemporary Korean studies.

An additional role of the center is to form a bridge with academic institutions and researchers in Korea, including the Department of Communication and Institute of Japan Studies at Seoul National University, thus further strengthening the basis for joint international research projects and exchange activities. Efforts are also to be made for the formation of joint projects and exchanges with academic institutions in China, in view of that country’s increasing influence in the region.

Building on the existing foundations of Korean studies at the University of Tokyo, the III’s Center for Contemporary Korean Studies aims to become a driving force for contemporary Korean studies in Japan and a genuinely global center sharing information and conducting exchanges with major universities and Korean studies institutes throughout the world.

組織図Organizational Diagram


現代韓国研究センターの活動計画Action Plan of the Center for Contemporary Korean Studies

(1) 研究会(年3回)と年度末の国際シンポジウムの開催
(2) 次世代研究者育成のためのワークショップの開催(年4回)
(3) 日韓の間の大学院生の相互交流プロジェクトの推進とシンポジウムの開催
(4) 現代韓国に関する文献資料およびデジタルアーカイブの整備と公開
(5) ニューズレターの発行およびホームページの運営
(6) 将来における学術誌の刊行(年1回)
(7) 研究成果および蓄積の対外的な公開

(1) Regular research seminars (3 times a year) and an international symposium at the end of the academic year
(2) Workshops for young researchers (4 times a year)
(3) Exchange projects and symposia between graduate students in Japan and South Korea
(4) Creation and publication of research materials and digital archives on contemporary Korea
(5) Publication of a newsletter and operation of a web homepage
(6) Publication of an annual academic journal
(7) Making the results of research publicly accessible

年次別研究テーマAnnual Topics


Year 1 (2010): The East Asian Community and Partnership between Korea and Japan
Year 2 (2011): The Influence of Contemporary Korean Culture in Asia
Year 3 (2012): The Formation of an IT Network in East Asia and the IT Society in Japan and Korea
Year 4 (2013): The East Asian Urban Network ? Inter-urban Exchange among Seoul, Tokyo and Beijing
Year 5 (2014): Summation ? The Role of East Asia and Korea in the 21st Century

年次別事業計画Annual Plans






Center for Contemporary Korean Studies