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January 8, 2019

学環学府ウェブサイト& ニューズレター 編集部The III/GSII Website and Newsletter Editorial Committee






今年度4月に新たに3名が編集部に加わりました。メンバー構成は、昨年度からの引き続きで6名(特任助教 鳥海希世子、教授 水越伸、教授 暦本純一、特任専門員 デイビッド・ビュースト、博士学生 潘夢斐、学環長秘書 岡田美保)と新メンバー3名(下記参照)の9人体制となりました。今後ますます多方面から情報を収集し、学環で展開される学際研究・教育の現場をお伝えできれば幸いです。


・城 啓介(博士学生)



Happy New Year!
The first article of the year (as with last year) focuses on the editorial committee, whose responsibility it is to write, commission and edit the articles appearing in the “Recent Research Activities” section of the III website, some of which are also published in the III newsletter.

Here are three news items from 2018 relating to the committee.

1. New Extended Edition of the Autumn GAKKAN Newsletter
The GAKKAN newsletter is a twice-yearly publication appearing in the spring and fall. Starting with Issue No. 51 (Published in October 2018), the autumn edition will henceforth be expanded to cover education and research at the III/GSII more comprehensively. The digital edition of the newsletter can be viewed by clicking on this link.

Key points:
・TOPICS: More pages and larger photographs
・TIE-UPS: Introducing international and domestic cooperation projects
・ADMISSIONS: Inclusion of admissions information and a list of thesis and dissertation titles

2. A New Project
A new series called “Photalk” has been started, combining interviews with photographs on various topics related to the III/GSII. Readers can perhaps look forward to the publication of some previously unseen photographs from the III/GSII’s early history!
For the first article in the series, we interviewed Yasuaki KAKEHI, a graduate of the GSII who is now an associate professor in the III. The article can be seen here.

3. New composition of the committee
Three new members joined the editorial committee in April 2018. There are now nine of us, including the six who continue to serve from the previous year (Project Associate Professor Kiyoko Toriumi, Professor Shin Mizukoshi, Professor Junichi Rekimoto, Project Senior Specialist David Buist, Doctoral Student Pan Mengfei, and Dean’s Executive Assistant Miho Okada) and the three new members (introduced below). This should enable us to expand our information gathering activities and provide more comprehensive coverage of the III/GSII’s diverse activities.

We conclude with brief words of introduction from each of the new members:

– Hidenori WATANAVE (Professor)
“I hope to find innovative ways to increase awareness of the III/GSII’s diverse sources of appeal.”
– Shogo FUKUSHIMA (Assistant Professor)
“I would like to make visually appealing articles! I like looking at delicious bread!”
– Keisuke SHIRO (Doctoral Student)
“I will do my best to show the appeal of the III/GSII with its diverse people. You can usually find me in the basement.”

As the last year of the Heisei era, 2019 will be a year of transition. The III/GSII is also approaching its twentieth anniversary since its founding in 2000. We hope to reflect the changing times as we continue the work of publicizing the activities of the III/GSII.

Text: Miho Okada (Dean’s Executive Assistant)
Photo & Illustration: Mengfei Pan (PhD Student), Kiyoko Toriumi (Project Assistant Professor)
Translation: David Buist (Project Senior Specialist)