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May 28, 2024

2024年度第1回BAIRAL研究会The 1st BAIRAL Research Meeting for Fiscal Year 2024


BAIRALは、東京大学Beyond AI推進機構B’AI Global Forumの若手RA(リサーチアシスタント)が主体となり、月に一回のペースで開催している研究会です。B’AI Global Forumでは、AI社会におけるジェンダー平等とマイノリティの権利保障という社会目標の実現に向けて研究を進めております。その一環として、BAIRALではデジタル情報技術と社会の関係について理解を深めるために、隔月、様々なゲストスピーカーの方にお話しいただいております。

・形式: Zoomによるオンライン開催(事前申し込み不要)

Meeting ID: 872 7214 7889
Passcode: 512428

・ゲストスピーカー: 岩澤直美(東京大学大学院 学際情報学府 博士課程)




東京大学Beyond AI研究推進機構B’AI Global Forum

プリヤ・ム(B’AI Global Forum リサーチ・アシスタント)



 “Challenges Facing Racial and Cultural Minorities in Japan and Creating Opportunities for Intercultural Dialogue”

BAIRAL is a study group by young research assistants (RA) of the B’AI Global Forum of the Institute for AI and Beyond at the University of Tokyo. Aiming to achieve gender equality and a guarantee of rights for minorities in the AI era, this study group examines relationships between digital information technology and society. BAIRAL organizes research meetings every other month with guest speakers in a variety of fields.

◇Date & Venue
・Date: Tuesday, May 28, 2024, 5:00 – 6:30 pm (JST)
・Venue: Online via Zoom (No registration required)https://u-tokyo-ac-jp.zoom.us/j/87272147889?pwd=wgHa3WIwu59QbXU8m9TMfxKJcA3wlo.1
Meeting ID: 872 7214 7889
Passcode: 512428

・Language: Japanese
・Guest Speaker: Naomi Iwazawa (Doctoral Student, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, The University of Tokyo)

As globalization advances, the challenge of building a society where people from different cultural backgrounds can coexist has become increasingly important. In Japan, the growing number of “people with foreign roots,” who bring diverse racial and cultural perspectives, has sparked active discussions on how to foster coexistence. Moreover, there has been ongoing debate about how to create environments where “attributes of diverse minorities,” broadly defined by race and culture, are welcomed as part of the community. In education, initiatives are being pushed to ensure fair learning opportunities for language and cultural minorities and to enhance intercultural skills. In the workplace, from the DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) standpoint, training sessions are held to promote equal opportunities and develop skills for collaborative work that honors diversity.

This session explores the specific challenges that racial and cultural minorities face in schools and workplaces, along with the perspectives and reactions of various stakeholders. Strategies for Japan to address these challenges will be discussed, taking into account the anxiety and bystander attitudes prevalent in Japanese culture towards collaboration with minorities.

How can new platforms and opportunities be developed to enhance relationships between diverse groups? We will review design principles and program examples that have effectively tackled these challenges. The aim is to pinpoint practical strategies that can be applied to strengthen intercultural relations and promote inclusivity. Looking ahead, we’re also interested in exploring how technology and AI can play a role in enhancing intercultural dialogue.

 B’AI Global Forum, Institute for AI and Beyond at the University of Tokyo
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 Priya Mu (Research assistant of the B’AI Global Forum)
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