東京大学大学院 情報学環・学際情報学府 The University of Tokyo III / GSII


紀要・出版物 Bulletin & Publications


The III publishes a number of periodicals. At the time of the merger between the III and ISICS, the publications of the two institutions were consolidated and placed under a new editorial/publishing structure. The main publications are the Journal of Information Studies, Newsletter, Annual Report, and the III Book Series. Each publication has its own function while also being linked to the others as elements in the unified publishing activity of the III.


This journal contains mostly theoretical and critical research papers written by faculty members of the III and students enrolled in the GSII. Most of these are in Japanese (although English abstracts are provided). Reports on symposia and other events taking place at the III are also published in this journal.

Latest IssueNo.93(October 2017)
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思考の環Opening essay
石田 英敬Hidetaka Ishida
Polymetis, Polytropos, Polymechanos: 知のオデュッセイアのためにPolymetis, Polytropos, Polymechanos: for an Odyssey of Knowledge
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査読研究論文Refereed Papers
黄 欣悦Xinyue Huang
平常時の防災情報接触意図の規定因について ― 日本在住外国人を対象として ―Determinants of Disaster Prevention Information Accessing Intention: Focusing on Foreign Residents in Japan
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具 知會Jeehoe Koo
幕末維新期における英勝寺と水戸家 ― 正姫の入寺・還俗を事例に ―Amadera of Mito family in Meiji Restoration period: The case of a Priestess Masahime in Eisho--ji
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野澤 光Hikaru Nozawa
書道熟達者の臨書制作プロセス - 文字配置の補償的な調整過程 -Longitudinal Analysis of the Change of Character Position in Process of Mimic Drawing
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フィールド・レビューField Review
池亀 彩Aya Ikegame
グルとどう付き合うかHow to Deal with Gurus
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Latest IssueNo. 33 (2017年3月)
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野澤 俊介、難波 阿丹、難波 純也、仁井田 千絵、近藤 和都NOZAWA, Shunsuke NAMBA, Anni NAMBA, Junya NIITA,Chie KONDO, Kazuto
情動の出来事性―インターフェイス・ライブ性・交感―Events of Affect: Interface, Liveness, and Phaticity
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橋元 良明、小笠原 盛浩、河井 大介、長濱 憲、吉田 航HASHIMOTO, Yoshiaki OGASAHARA, Morihiro KAWAI, Daisuke NAGAHAMA, Ken YOSHIDA, Wataru
2016年参議院選挙における投票行動 ―選挙年齢引き下げで若者はどう対峙したかSurvey on the Information Behavior of Teenagers during the 2016 House of Councillors Election Campaign
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橋元 良明、河井 大介、橋田 浩一HASHIMOTO, Yoshiaki KAWAI, Daisuke HASHIDA, Koiti
医療・健康情報を中心とする個人情報提供に関する寛容度と不安 ―日米独3国国際比較調査Survey on the Attitude toward the Provision of Personal Information : Cross-National Comparison among Japan, the United States and Germany
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橋元 良明、大野 志郎、天野 美穂子、堀川 裕介HASHIMOTO, Yoshiaki OHNO, Shiroh AMANO, Mihoko HORIKAWA, Yusuke
横浜市中学生ネット依存調査Survey on Internet Addiction among Junior High Students in Yokohama City
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作間 敦、柏田 すみれ、荒木 優弥、松尾 一郎、関谷 直也SAKUMA, Atsushi KASHIWADA, Sumire ARAKI, Masaya MATSUO, Ichiro SEKIYA, Naoya
平成27年9月関東・東北豪雨における常総市の情報伝達と避難行動The Problem of Information Dissemination and Evacuation Behavior in Joso City under Kanto-Tohoku Heavy Rainfall Disaster in September 2015
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田中 淳、小林 秀行TANAKA, Atsushi KOBAYASHI, Hideyuki
地震災害は現在バイアスを強めるか-熊本地震災害を事例としてMay Disaster Strengthen the Present Bias? :A Case Study of the Kumamoto Earthquake
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This quarterly publication contains information and news articles about activities happening at the III and GSII. Its purpose is to publicize these activities to a wider audience. Diverse contents include faculty interviews, news on research activities, reports of symposia, announcements of upcoming events and publications, and news about prizes received.

No.49 2017 Summer
INTERVIEW: 池亀彩 准教授 & 額定其労 准教授
・情報学環オープンスタジオ オープニングレセプション
・Actiii_lunch 学環コモンズでランチを囲む
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最新号 No.44(2017年08月)
New : No.44(August 2017)
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