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April 18, 2023

筧康明研究室「xlab Showcase 2023 “Ways of Uninventing”」展Kakehi Laboratory “xlab Showcase 2023 ‘Ways of Uninventing’”

2023年3月19日(日)-21日(火)、情報学環オープンスタジオにて、筧研究室の「xlab Showcase 2023 “Ways of Uninventing”」展が開催されました。展示会のテーマ「Ways of Unvinenting」には、新規性や利便性だけを追及するアプローチを見直し、従来の発明では捨象されている視点や価値を取り込むテクノロジーやデザイン、生活、表現を考える思考実験や実践の意味が込められています。







The “xlab Showcase 2023 ‘Ways of Uninventing'” exhibition by Kakehi Laboratory was held at the III Open Studio from March 19 to 21, 2023. The theme “Ways of Uninventing” encompasses thought experiments and practices that reevaluate approaches focused solely on novelty and convenience, integrating technologies, designs, lifestyles, and expressions that incorporate perspectives and values neglected by conventional inventions.

A total of 16 works from various fields, including actuators, sensors, textiles, paper, fluids, biology, architecture, and AR, were exhibited at the venue.

Upon entering the exhibition room, visitors are immediately drawn to a physical display featuring spring-like modules with different textures and colors that transform three-dimensionally. Throughout the venue, there were characteristic works focusing on the behavior of fluids from various perspectives. For example, there were exhibits with water droplets moving on electrode patterns, kinetic works with groups of seesaw-shaped objects, interfaces that construct color patterns with liquids in tubes, installations with bubbles, and dynamic three-dimensional paintings with colored water.

In addition to these, there were many impressive works inspired by biology and natural phenomena, such as Nishijin-ori works incorporating functional threads that respond to the environment, and outdoor exhibits where visitors can experience the natural environment surrounding plants through audiovisuals. Furthermore, there were experience booths for interactive content utilizing the softness of 3D-printed soft sensors, works using the material properties of paper and clothing, three-dimensional objects with shape-changing capabilities, and AR navigation apps that draw sound in real space. Overall, the exhibition encouraged people to engage with nature and technology in new ways.

During the exhibition, a research presentation and a talk event featuring guest speaker Dominique Chen were held at the III Fukutake Hall.

Kakehi Laboratory explores approaches to technology, design, and expression centered on engineering research in the field of human-computer interaction and media art. The wide range of research prototypes and works on display stimulated discussions, evoking the concept of “Uninventing” and serving as a forum for considering the new values and impacts brought about by technology and ideas.

Text: Ayako Yogo (Master’s student)
English proofreading: David Buist (Project Senior Specialist)

主担当教員Associated Faculty Members


筧 康明
  • 文化・人間情報学コース
  • 先端表現情報学コース
  • アジア情報社会コース


KAKEHI, Yasuaki
  • Cultural and human information studies course
  • Emerging design and informatics course
  • ITASIA program