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January 17, 2023

【情報学環教育部】『情報学環教育部2023年度ガイドブック』The Undergraduate Research Student Program Guidebook 2023








The Undergraduate Research Student Program of the Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies has produced a guidebook for prospective students in 2023.

The Undergraduate Research Student Program is a unique educational organization that primarily provides undergraduate-level education for people who want to study information, media, communication and journalism. However, the activities of the program are rarely publicized, and some say that they are interested in the program but do not know what it does. This guidebook was produced by a team of research students who wanted to make this program more widely known. The guidebook’s contents, which are entirely written by students, include introductions to classes, to current research students and their roundtable discussions, as well as information on entrance examinations.

The front and back covers of the guidebook were designed on the theme of ‘crossing borders’. The main colors, red and blue, seem incompatible at first glance, but copper red, rosewood and blue-purple are found in between. When viewed as a continuum rather than a dichotomy, it is clear that red and blue have points of contact. We wanted to use these gradations to represent the people of the Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, who, despite their different positions, lifestyles and interests, are always trying to find the ‘gradations’ between each other.

In the process of interviewing and editing, we realized that all research students are eager to express their own ideas and thoughts. This is something we have felt in our daily in-class discussions and projects, but we were able to reconfirm this in the production of this guidebook. We also enjoyed working on the design of the text, which conveyed the personality of the participants. We were also very particular about the font, color scheme and layout of the pages. Every page is filled with our own thoughts and feelings. We hope you enjoy the different views of the world spun by the research students!

Whether you are considering taking the entrance exam or not, please take a look at this guidebook. And if you have gained new insights, why not express them by joining the program?

『東京大学大学院情報学環研究部ガイドブック2023』(PDF, Japanese only)

Text: Tsubasa Shinohara, Chiu Chien Cheng, Momoko Fukui and Ayumi Adachi (Undergraduate research students)
English proofreading: David Buist(Project senior specialist)

主担当教員Associated Faculty Members


上條 俊介
  • 先端表現情報学コース
  • 情報学環教育部

Associate Professor

KAMIJO, Shunsuke
  • Emerging design and informatics course
  • Undergraduate research student program