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大口 敬


OGUCHI, Takashi


Traffic Engineering Laboratory

  • 先端表現情報学コース


  • 交通制御工学
  • Emerging design and informatics course

Research Theme

  • Traffic Management and Control
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Prof. Oguichi graduated Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo (UTokyo) in 1988 and got Ph.D from Graduate School of Engineering of UTokyo in 1993.

After he joined to Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. in 1993, he moved to Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU) in 1995, and promoted to Professor in 2007. He moved to Institute of Industrial Science (IIS) of UTokyo in 2011 and assigned to a Professor in Advanced Mobility Research Center (ITS Center) of IIS, UTokyo.

His major research field is Traffic Management and Control including Traffic Capacity, Road Design and Planning, Traffic Behavior Analysis, Traffic Operation Evaluation, and Advanced Mobility System Development.

交通とは、動物である人間が社会生活をする上で必ず生じる現象・事象です。ここ100年の間に内 燃機関自動車が爆発的に社会に普及し、道路上で生じる自動車交通を対象とした交通流に対する科学的分析と、さまざまな社会的課題に対する工学的技術開発が 進められました。これを(道路)交通工学と呼んでいます。その後、さまざまな分野で情報化が進展し、物理的なヒトやモノの交通を代替したり、あるいはこう した交通を増強・補助する情報・通信技術との適切な使い分けや利活用が大変重要になってきています。

内燃機関自動車は、時代の要請と技術的な成熟のタイミングの妙で世界的に普及しました。これが行き交う道 路上の道路交通には、交通渋滞、交通安全、環境影響という3つの大きな社会的な負荷が生じ、道路交通工学とは、その原因を調べ、問題構造を把握し、これを 解決するための方策を立案し、実際に施策として実現することによって、快適で円滑で安全・安心な交通システムを確立するための技術体系として確立されてき ました。



  • 高速道路渋滞の発生メカニズム分析と対策技術
  • 道路幾何構造と交通運用制御の一体計画設計
  • 交通信号制御の高度化と最適化
  • 交通シミュレーション技術の高度化
  • 情報・課金・規制の統合化による道路ネットワーク交通流最適化
  • ITSと自動運転技術を勘案した将来型交通マネジメント
  • 社会技術としての総合的な交通システム解析

Transport is inevitable when humankind, as an animal, live socially. Because automobiles become to prevail greatly among society for recent approximately 100 years, great efforts in scientific analyses of vehicular traffic flow and in the development of technologies against many problems caused by vehicular traffic were progressed. Such efforts are called as Traffic/Transport Engineering. In these days, information and communication technologies (ICT) show great progress, therefore, they may become an alternative to passenger transport and goods transport in addition that they may also support and enhance transportation performance.

Automobile vehicles with combustion engine popularized timely in those days with technological maturity. Such vehicular traffic on roads cause three big social loads such as traffic congestion, traffic safety risks, and environmental impact. Traffic/Transport Engineering is a technological system to establish a traffic/transport system with pleasure, smoothness, safety and secureness, by investigating causal factors, understanding structure of the problems, planning countermeasures, and implementing the measures.

Regional and urban planning and design with composed different surface transport systems adequately, such as public transport, bicycles, pedestrians in addition to automobiles comes to be very important these days to resolve social problems caused by super-motorized regional/urban structures, especially matured advanced countries such as Japan. There is a debate whether bicycles should use roadway or can use sidewalk, for example, however, it is nonsense only to consider the bicycle’s running position at a cross section. It is essential to establish a comprehensive system design theory of regional integrated fundamental plan and detailed design based on the knowledge of bicycle users’ behavior, route choice factors, and operational guidance plan for bicyclists.

In this laboratory, based on the concept above, there are several following research themes as examples.

– Scientific analysis and countermeasures on emergence of traffic congestion on Motorways
– Harmonization of road planning and design and traffic control and management
– Advanced traffic signal control and its optimization
– Traffic simulation technology enhancement
– Optimization of road network traffic flow by integration of information, charging and regulations
– Advance traffic management based on ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) and automated driving
– Comprehensive transport systems analysis as a social engineering technology

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